The simulator is designed for instruct drivers to run MAZ-543 heavy truck in different weather conditions at any time of the day and night according to training programs and driving courses provided by the customer.

Simulator components:

  • Driver's module;
  • Module of instructor's operation station.

Simulator in the process of training:

  • Represents a real driver's cabin of heavy truck MAZ-543;
  • Produces driver's vision area;
  • Imitates dynamic loads on a driver while driving the truck;
  • Exercises intercommunication between trainee and instructor;
  • Provides a number of exercises to conduct studies;
  • Automatically tests and safes the results of the exercises;
  • Supervises activity of a trainee at all stages of the practice.

The advantages of the simulator:

  • Improvement of quality and efficiency of training;
  • Reduction of training cost;
  • Possibility of combining simulators in a single local network for co-operation in one and the same virtual space;
  • Driving train-type vehicle.

Technical characteristics:

Accommodation surface at least 22 m²
Operating temperature from +10 °C to +25 °C, when humidity no more than 80%
Power supply single-phase network of alternating current 220 V, 50 Hz voltage
Power consumption no more than 5 kW
Readiness time for operation after turning on no more than 10 minutes
Continuous operation time no more than 6 hours, followed by a break for 2 hours


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