The simulator is arranged to instruct commander, gunner and driver-mechanic to run the BMP-2 infantry combat vehicle in different weather conditions at any time of the day and night, to use sight equipment and monitoring devices, to maintain accurate and effective fire from all weapons of the tank. It also helps to organize efficient teamwork of the crew without wasting resource of equipment, fuels and lubricants and costly ammunition.

Simulator components:

  • Driver-mechanic's module;
  • Commander and gunner's module;
  • Module of instructor's operation station.

Simulator in the process of training:

  • Corresponds to real conditions of crew practical operation stations within  BMP-2;
  • Produces visual image in sight equipment and vision devices;
  • Imitates dynamic loads on crew while driving the tank or shooting;
  • Exercises intercommunication between members of the crew and its instructor;
  • Provides a number of exercises to conduct military studies;
  • Automatically tests and safes the results of the exercises;
  • Supervises activity of each member of the crew at all stages of the practice.

The advantages of the simulator:

  • Improvement of quality and efficiency of training;
  • Reduction of the training cost;
  • Possibility of combining simulators in a single local network for co-operation in one and the same virtual space.

Technical characteristics:

Accommodation surface at least 50 m²
Operating temperature from +10 °C to +25 °C, when humidity no more than 80%
Power supply single-phase network of alternating current 220 V, 50 Hz voltage
Power consumption no more than 10 kW
Readiness time for operation after turning on no more than 10 minutes
Continuous operation time no more than 6 hours, followed by a break for 2 hours


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